Lord Jesus Christ,

Who revealed the infinite mercy of Your Sacred Heart

in saying: “Love your enemies

and pray for those who persecute you” (Mt 5:44)

and again, “Bless those who curse you,

pray for those who abuse you” (Lk 6:28),

give me, I beseech You,

grace to obey these commandments of yours,

and to persevere in praying daily

for those who, in any way,

have abused, cursed, hurt, or rejected me.

I pray for those who hate me,

for those who resent me

and for those who have spoken ill of me.

I beg you to bless them abundantly

and to pour into their hearts

such a profusion of healing mercies

that in them and around them

love will triumph over hatred,

friendship over resentment,

sweetness over bitterness,

meekness over anger,

and peace over enmity.

I further ask you to extend these graces

to their families and to all whom they hold dear.

In particular, I pray today for N. (and N.).

I present him/her/them

to Your Eucharistic Face,

asking You to envelop him/her/them in Its healing radiance,

dispelling whatever shadows of sin

may have darkened his/her/their mind(s)

or hardened his/her their heart(s)

in anger, hatred, or the refusal to forgive.

For my part,

with deep sorrow I confess

that I have sinned grievously against others,

causing them pain and even endangering their souls.

I pray you, O Merciful Jesus, to repair the evil I have done to others

and to heal the hurt I have inflicted on them.

In particular, I acknowledge my sins against N. (and N.)

imploring You to heal and repair the harm I have done him/her/them.

I ask you so to penetrate my heart

with the charity of Your Pierced Heart

that I will be able to forgive

those who have offended me,

to love them sincerely,

and to desire for them all that will contribute to their true happiness

in this life and in the next.

By means of a permanent intention,

I desire to renew this prayer

in every offering of Your Holy Sacrifice.

Let the light of Your Eucharistic Face

shine in the hearts of all who harbour

hatred or resentment toward me,

to bring them healing and peace.

Let Your Precious Blood

triumph over evil

in those against whom I have sinned

and in those who have sinned against me,

so that, delivered from the shadows

of this valley of tears,

we may one day praise Your Mercy together

in the sweetness of a boundless charity.