Members of the Parish Commissions help to implement the pastoral plan by overseeing and helping to facilitate the work of various ministries in the parish. The commissions are made up of parishioners who are spiritually called to this ministerial work and who are selected and commissioned by the pastor. Existing organizations or committees relate to the pastoral council through the appropriate commission.

For more information about volunteering at St. Scholastica, please contact Elizabeth Bey at (313) 531-0140

Worship Commissions:
1. Acolytes
2. Lectors
3. Eucharistic Ministers
4. Liturgy Committee
5. Choir
6. Sacristan

Christian Service:
1. Blood Drive
2. Right of Life
3. St. Vincent de Paul
4. Shut-In Visitation
5. Handmaids of the Lord
6. Community Outreach

Finance Council
1. Counting Team
2. Budget Committee

1. Sacrament Preparation
3. Religious Education